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"Stoke-Em-Up" Cabaret

Stoke Rugby Style

A tremendous crowd filled the Stoke Memorial Hall for the Stoke Rugby Club's "Stoke-em-Up" cabaret. Feature of the evening, a contest for a "Queen for the Night", carried prizes totalling $300. Prize winner, and "Queen for the night", was Beverley Tipping (right) seen with ah equally happy compere.

The cabaret was an unqualified success and undoubtedly the Stoke club will be making plans for a similar function next year.


Enjoying the evening were John and Noeline Naylor, Bob Ramsay, Ella Lee, Margaret Baunell and Arty Thomason.


Happy together: Ron Beardmore and Mary Jessop.


Three of the lads, Peter Taylor, Danny Boulton and "Blue" Middleton.