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The Nelson Photo News



Graduation Day at Nelson

Nurses who have trained at the Nelson Public Hospital and who passed their final examinations recently, along with 27 community nurses who were successful in their examinations, were presented with their diplomas and awards at a ceremony at the nurses' home last month.

(Photos: Peter Copper Studio)


The new staff nurses who have completed their training. Back: C. M. Young, M. J. Winn, M. A. Wilson, K. A. Timms, H. G. Smith, C. S. J. Rickard. Front: S. M. McGlashen, E. Kanard, Sister H. Sigglekow, L. A. Johnston, V. C. Blocksage, L. J. Best.


Community nurses to receive awards were, back: S. C. Woodcock, G. D. Trewavas, L. I. Prichard, L. E. Murcott, J. Moore, A. Lines, P. M. Inwood. Front: C. D. Hunt, H. D. Holdaway, A. H. Galletly, J. K. Bogle, Tutor Sister J. Clark, E. J. Best, M. Beck, J. E. Barnett.