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The Nelson Photo News



What's Doing in Murchison

(Pix by Alexa Sutherland)

Golden Wedding


If televiewing in the Murchison area was not too good during the very cold snap a few weeks ago, the reason for it lies in this pic. It shows the Murchison Televiewers' Society's receiving aerial for CHTV3, in the centre of the picture. The transmitters are in the foreground. During the winter, conditions are such that usually the only way of servicing the station is by helicopter.


The St. Stephen's School, Auckland, concert party visited Murchison recently, and played to a large audience.


Here are a couple of porkers which will end their days providing a lipsmacking session for some lucky wild-pork eaters. They were bagged by Glen Nairn, of Nelson, and Guy Tombleson, Morrinsville, during the university vacation.


Mr and Mrs Gerald Gordon, Maruia Valley, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary recently. They are shown with members of their family, Mesdames Loffhagen, Rasmussen, Flintoft and Mew, and sons Rob, Doug and Roland.