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Cubs And Brownies On Trek

With the warmer weather upon us, Wolf Cub and Brownie Packs took to the open during the school vacation. The Won-Tolla Pack, members of the Nayland Cub group, trekked up the Marsden Valley and enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch. With the Cubs (above). were Akela (Maureen Macaulay), Bagheera (Jean Brough), and Baloo (June Gilbert). Malcolm Lodge and Paul Gilbert (right) undoubtedly voted the venture a great success.


The Victory Brownie Pack trekked up Toi Toi Valley and over the hill to Tahunanui. Seen here before starting out are Jean Hall (Tawny Owl) and Eunice Bradcock (Brown Owl) with Brownies Elaine Watson, Patricia Feary, Linda Hocking, Raewyn Currie (back row); Christine Sixtus, Marlene Shuttleworth, Carol Rodley and Vicki Carty (middle row), and Theresa Frewen (Invercargill), Susan Barnes and Kaye Carty (front row).