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A Round With Keith Foxton

Keith Foxton, Nelson professional since 1967; 1965-67, professional at Tempieton Country Club; a leading Canterbury amateur player and member of Canterbury Freyberg Rosebowl team 10 years (and member of winning team on three occasions); North Canterbury champion 8 successive years; winner of 26 open tournaments in 2 years at height of amateur career.

over the bunker

The No 2 hole at Nelson is a dogleg to the right. I would recommend the longer handicap player to tee up on the left side of the tee to hit in the direction of the dotted line. Any trouble to be encountered at this hole would be on the right-hand side, so aim left to avoid this trouble and open up the green. The shorter handicap golfer would probably cut across the rough on the right.

The second shot should be straight forward, but in this instance I have hit through the green and lie behind a bunker (far left). To avoid a chip that will take me into the bunker I adopt the stance at centre left. Keeping the weight well forward, I strike the ball with a descending blow, keeping the club head low to the ground in the follow through. The head must be kept very still, and the ball played two or three inches wide of the left heel. The picture left shows the low path of the club after striking.