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The Nelson Photo News




Two of the backroom boys of the Nelson City Council's electricity department's engineering staff, Gordon Wells and Dave Isbister. Both work at the council sub-station in the city. Gordon has been with the department since he gave up commercial fishing two years ago (he worked the "Majestic"). He has four children and has lived in Nelson 19 years. His leisure time pursuits do not include fishing, but he finds an interest in weekends helping out with the engineering problems of his brothers. Dave also has four children and came from Dunedin to Nelson 18 years ago. He's been with the department five years. His interests include photography, touring and fishing.

Fishing plays a big part in the life of Jeanette Burrell, for she works at South Pacific Fish Canneries. Jeanette, from Richmond, is single and has been with the firm 18 months. Leisure pursuits include basketball (Waimea seniors) marching and horse riding.

Four Nelson housewives having a day out with the children: Molly Jeffrey, Marjorie Schofield, Carol Hamer and Margaret Edwards. The children are Thomas, Mary, Helena, Kaye, Suzanne and Michelle. Molly, Marjorie and Carol all came to New Zealand on the same ship 14 months ago and settled in Nelson. Molly is from Glasgow and Marjorie and Carol from Manchester. Molly has four children, Carol has one and Marjorie one. Margaret is a Nelsonian, with three children. And what is their favourite leisure-time occupation? Soaking up the sun on the beach.

Although he gave up a life on the sea 15 years ago, Tony Cappiello is still intimately connected with ships and shipping. He's a waterside worker at Port Nelson and has been one for 11 years. Tony is married, with a daughter, and in his spare time goes rabbit shooting and plays cricket for the watersiders' team.