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The Nelson Photo News




Preparing For D.C. Day

As the decimal currency changeover day draws closer and closer, so also does the intensity of the work associated with it increase. It's been back to school for trading and business firms and the conversion of machines to dollars and cents has kept the staffs of accounting machine firms busy. Earlier this month the first shipment of the new currency, under heavy police guard, was distributed to banks in Nelson (below).


Surrounded by machines of all types and sizes, Bob Campbell and Phil McGaveston get on with the conversions at the Nelson branch of the National Cash Register Company.


For staff of Wright stephensons, it's back to school under headmaster Arnold Angelo (his pupils are Reg Winter, Christine Guthrie, Fred Pithie, Eric Pentecost, Heden Andrews and Raymond Charles.


The scene around the side of the Australia and New Zealand Bank as new currency was unloaded.