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The Nelson Photo News



"You Should Have Been. . . "

During our perambulations around Nelson we meet a lot of people, many of Whom tell us of strange, humorous or interesting events which they know have just taken place. Usually, they preface their tale with: "You should have been at such and such the other night. " Our stock reply now is: "Well, we probably would have been if you had let us know. " We're kept pretty busy, but never so busy that we don't want to hear of Everything that's going on in and around Nelson. We cannot always guarantee that we will be able to attend these functions, but if we don't know about them it's certain we can't attend them. Only by hearing about all the things that are going on, can we cover as fully as we want to, all the events of the month. So, just on the off chance that your organisation has not contacted us, You give us a ring.

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