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The Nelson Photo News



Waimea College Staff


Ten years ago when Waimea College was first opened, it had a mere handful of staff. Today, with a roll of more than 1000, it now has a staff of 45. The staff is, front row (from left): Messrs H. W. Hawke, A. R. Coburn, R. D. McIver, S. Wilde, J. S. Hogg, Miss R. M. Stewart (senior assistant mistress), Dr F. E. Gallas (principal), Mr J. T. Lewis (deputy principal), Mrs K. W. Bolwell, Messrs A. M. Leslie, W. R. Sugrue, B. S. Brickton, W. H. Nelson. Second row: Mr H. Pitt-Brown, Miss H. Tozer, Messrs K. Smith, G. A. Harris, Mrs J. Lambert, Miss P. Street, Miss J. Buckley, Messrs C. C. K. Rooke, W. J. Byrne, Miss K. Harwood, Mr H. L. Brown. Third row: Messrs R. J. Popenhaven, D. H. Mackenzie, Miss M. Northcroft, Mr J. N. Acheson, Miss V. Brown, Mr R. G. Hart, Mrs D. Anscombe, Messrs E. C. Giblin, E. C. Smith, D. W. Dungan, B. N. Bluett. Back row: Messrs E. J. Miller, J. A. Ring, H. M. Ameye, N. G. Rynn, R. J. Barker, R. M. Gaskell, R. A. Favill, H. D. MacMillan, G. S. Miller.