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Other Aspects Of Tourism: A Conference Hall

The sportsdrome cost about £111,000 to build and it incorporates a main stadium of 15,000 sq ft; five committee rooms each 1000 sq ft and a 2800 sq ft gymnasium - a big building by any standards.

The Wanganui building cost about £250,000, the fund to build it being started by the amalgamation of small building funds of various organisations. The majority of the money was raised by a massive "Miss Personality" campaign. The hall contains an auditorium (for sports, dances, flower shows etc) which can seat 2000; a concert chamber (seating 400) which is also used for conferences; the Pioneer room (weddings etc), seating 300 people and a fully self-contained flat for the caretaker. About 100,000 people used the hall last year.

So much for Rotorua and Wanganui. They have their halls. What of Nelson? As we go to press we hope that the civic hall committee " and the city council will agree to go aheed with erecting a similar building in Nelson and that every organisation likely to gain some benefit from such a building, plus every business in Nelson which must benefit from an influx of visitors for conferences, etc., will co–operate to see that this project which has been talked of for years will reach fruition.


Part of the seating around the Rotorua main stadium