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The Nelson Photo News



Botanical Hill Development

For several years now "Photo News has advocated the development of Botanical Hill as one of the city's major tourist attractions. Every year hundreds of visitors to Nelson walk up the hill through some very beautiful bush to the trig station at the summit in the hope of finding there something to see and to photograph. Until quite recently many found the climax of their walk an anti-climax, for big trees effectively screened the beauty of Nelson below. Then the Nelson Jaycees took a hand and in recent months a tremendous amount of work has been put into the hill. The view is now almost unimpeded and there are plans for the building of a suitable lookout at the summit. We heartily commend the Jaycees in this work.

Now we would like to suggest to the city council that it complete this project by building a road to the summit. Already a Landrover track has been made, and we can not see any reason, apart from cost, why this project could not be completed. For that reason, we reproduce on this page two pictures sent to us by "Gisborne Photo News" of the lookout on Kaiti Hill, Gisborne, the road leading up to it and a directional marker given to the city by Rotary. From the lookout visitors have an uninterrupted view of Gisborne and out to sea, and we know that no visit to Gisborne is considered complete without a drive, by day or night, to Kaiti Hill. Even the Queen made it. We could have the same in Nelson.