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The Fitheach Ban, Nelson entry in the trans-Tasman yacht race, comes home. Captain A. Tregidga and his all-Nelson crew did not bring home the trophy, but the welcome by wives, friends and yachties was none the less warm for it. The Fitheach Ban did not find the light conditions to her liking during the crossing and these, plus a heavy handicap, kept her well out of the race. She finished second last.


Two other yachties, Captain J. R. and Mrs Grey, of Kerikeri, are exploring the Nelson coastline in their yacht and will spend most of the winter down this way. Captain Grey is a retired Royal and Australian naval captain. Both confessed that they found Nelson so lovely that they would like to "drop anchor" here.


Four generations are represented in this photograph taken on the occasion of Lewis Smithson's 21st birthday celebrations. They are Lewis, Mr John Smithson, his father, and Murray Smithson, who had his eleventh birthday two days earlier, Mrs I. Smithson, Mr Smithson's mother, and Mrs M. Forsyth, Mr Smithson's grandmother Mrs Forsyth, who is 91, motored from Runanga to be present at the celebrations.