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The Nelson Photo News



Storm Damage

Winds of gale force howled all over New Zealand early last month and it was inevitable that Nelson should bear some portion of the damage. In the city area itself damage was comparatively slight, but in some of the country areas, notably in the hop-growing areas, gardens were damaged when supporting poles failed to take the stress of wind and vine weight. Major damage in Nelson was done to house of Mr N. W. Wood, 137 Collingwood Street, where 100-year-old oak. rotten at the roots, fell across the corner of the house. Mrs Wood was in the corner of the house nearest the tree when it fell. The house has since been restored and the tree removed. At Prices Corner, Upper Moutere, Bill Trewavas had about two and a half acres of hops damaged when the poles collapsed just as the hops were ready to harvest. Some of damage done can be seen here.