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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


To give Air Training Corps cadets practical air experience, a Devon aircraft from the R. N. Z. A. F. station, Wigram, visited Nelson last month. All cadets had a flip and at left a group of them leave the aircraft. This veteran Harvard on the right, may soon be replaced by a Lincoln trainer. Oniy limited training could be carried out on the Harvard which could not be flown or dismantled.


School milk is in the news at present as the result of a move in at least one education board to discontinue the school milk system. In Nelson, the education board has also looked at the question and school committees will receive questionnaires, the results of which will be sent to the Education Department. In the meantime, these kiddies at the Nayland Road school continue to drink and enjoy their milk.


Trixie, a sheepdog bitch owned by Mr and Mrs J. Treweek, 68 Russell Street, has five healthy puppies, but she also insists on mothering this kitten. When it's tucker time for the pups, it's also dinner time for kitty.