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This is Education...

How successful was the national "Education Week"? As a means of "educating" the public on education, very successful, at least in the Nelson district. As a means of recruiting youngsters to the teaching profession, possibly not so successful. The ill-timed nation-wide wrangle over teachers' salaries and conditions and the ill-chosen words of Education Minister Mr Tallboys on "Gallery" may have proved a deterrent to some to join the teaching profession. And that is a shame. Teaching is a wonderful profession, and if New Zealand is to continue to progress, the role of educationists is going to assume greater and still greater importance. Nelson education bodies are to be congratulated on their efforts to make the week so successful. Much of this was due to the work of Mr D. J. C. Pringle, who acted as co-ordinator.


Michael Roberts, Tahunanui School, is expressing himself on paper


At kindergarten level, Michael Hodgson learns how to hammer in a nail under guidance of head teacher Annina Damiano at Grove Street Kindergarten.


Physics at Waimea College and 7th-formers John Geard and Jeremy Shearer explain the uses of an electron beam tube to a visitor.