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Out and About


Judith Durham, when she was with "The Seekers", would ask in one of the group's most popular songs, where will I find the olive tree?" We have the answer. It's in the garden of Mr and Mrs N. R. Sparrow, 79 Bisley Avenue. The reason this tree is unusual is that this year it was covered in fruit- 15 lb of it in fact. Mrs Sparrow is most anxious to process this fruit but has been unable to obtain a recipe. Anybody have one?


Monarch butterflies clustered on a branch on Church Hill made a splash of colour amid the sombre green of the trees.


Bicycle contrasts at Hope. The youngster in the middle riding a swept-up version of the penny-farthing is Steven Haythorne whose dad built the machine. Flanking him are Bryndwr Wilson and brother Grant Haythorne.