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The Nelson Photo News



New Hotel Should Boost Tourism

Nelson is to get her slice of the tourist cake. Until now, because of a lack of adequate high class tourist accommodation, the district has received only crumbs. Now, with the announcement by Nelson Breweries Group Development of a plan to build an eight-storey luxury hotel in Nelson, Nelson can expect to gain a much larger share in the tourist industry.

The new, 200-bed hotel, is to cost an estimated $2½ million and will be located on the site of the present Nelson brewery. Features of it will be conference rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and shops. Target date for the opening is July 1, 1972. It is to be named "D.B. Hotel Nelson".

On this page we reproduce an artist's impression of the hotel on the site.


The hotel as seen from Nile Street looking towards the cathedral, and Below, the hotel's main entrance as seen from Church Hill.


The pix at Right show the artist's conception of the restaurant and swimming pool, and Below, the foyer of the new hotel.

(Editor's note: The announcement of these proposals is indeed exciting. Nelson has received several set-backs regarding proposals to build high-class hotels here, and as each proposal failed to get off the ground, so also did Nelson's opportunities to share in the "tourist boom" recede. The new plans will undoubtedly be of inestimable benefit to the province.)


On a site bounded by Parkers Road and the State highway at Tahunanui (the approximate position of which is marked in black here) will be built a cordial factory to replace the one now operated in Bridge Street, and all the manufacturing operations of this factory will henceforth be carried on from the new factory. A cellar, to handle draught beer brought by tanker from Westland Breweries, in Greymouth, is also to be built on the site. The beer (good news for local Nelson beer drinkers) will be produced to Nelson Breweries specifications. A licensed tavern is also proposed for this area and will be erected as soon as practicable. It will be so located as to facilitate its extension to a motor-hotel complex in the future.