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The Nelson Photo News




(All pix by Peter Cooper Studio).

Ranfurly Shield Challenge.

Elsewhere in this issue we have suggested that the new Nelson Bays Rugby Union should lodge a challenge with holders of the shield, Canterbury, this year.

Since this was written we have learned that a special challenge is to be lodged. We congratulate the interim committee of the new union in wasting no time in putting our new Rugby district on the map and doing something positive to raise the interest of players and public alike.


Ward-Lynch. Beverley Joan, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. K. Lynch, Six Mile, Murchison, to Trevor Thomas, son of Mr and Mrs T. K. Ward, 6a Marybank, Nelson. (Kingsford and Baigent).


Steffens-Organ. Lynne Sheryl, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs C. E. Organ, 73 Marlowe Street, Stoke, to James Arthur, third son of Mr and Mrs L. Steffens, 129a Vanguard Street, Nelson.


Malcolm-Polglase. Lorraine, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs N. E. Polglase, 105 Hill Street, Richmond, to Neville, elder son of Mr and Mrs H. H. Malcolm, Wensley Road, Richmond.


Elford-Bright. Bernice Ruby, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Trevor Bright, 36 Matipo Terrace, Nelson, to Kevin Stuart, only son of Mr and Mrs Max Elford, High Street South, Motueka.