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Five Generations

Garden Party

Golden Wedding


Mrs Elizabeth Morgan, at extreme right, is the first of five generations in this photograph. She is holding her great-great-grandson, Mark King. On her left are her daughter, Mrs Elizabeth Anstice, her grand-daughter, Mrs Dorothy Beban, and her great-grand-daughter, Mrs Dorothy King. Mrs Morgan will be 90 in July. She was born and raised on the West Coast and lives now with another daughter, Mrs Annie Bowe, at 6 Oxford Street, Richmond. Inset are four of her great-great-grandchildren, Mark, Joanne, Mervyn and Michelle. She had 12 children, 50 grandchildren and 108 great-grandchildren.


Relaxing at a garden party of the Women's Fellowship of St. John's Methodist Church, are Fred Ruff, Gerald Allcott and George Archibald. The party was held at the home of Mr and Mrs M. R. Best, 39 Alton Street. Some of the ladies present are pictured at left.


Henry ("Snow") and Doris Milsom, of 146 Waimea Road, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a dinner for relatives and friends at the Wakatu Hotel.