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The Nelson Photo News



Mussel Farming

Nelson's mussel farming venture in the Keneperu Sounds is now getting off the ground. Most of the pontoons to build the first raft have been completed, and at the end of the month a start was made in assembling the raft. The pontoons, several of which are shown above, are joined together by long stressed concrete beams (the boxing for which is shown left). Also attached to the raft decks are big wooden racks from which weighted ropes descend into the water. It is on these ropes that the mussels grow. Those with money in the venture are going to have to wait some time for their first dividend, for it is not anticipated the mussels will be harvested for upwards of 2 years. Mr Charlie Guard, a director of Associated Fishermen which is the company behind the project, says it is expected to get up to 1200 sacks of mussels from the 400 racks on each raft. The company intends to build another three rafts quickly. An overseas market for the mussels has already been assured, he said. The other pix below show one of the pontoons being made ready at the waterfront (centre) and Mr Guard inspecting the pontoon mould (right).