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Preventing Fires


Prevention is, undoubtedly, better than cure, and firemen all over New Zealand were conveying this message to business-houses, householders and children during the fire prevention week recently. We followed a Nelson Fire Brigade team out to Clifton Terrace School where the children were given a talk and shown a fire engine and how a small fire is put out. Mark Anderson and Paul Bonnington (top) demonstrate what they had been taught. Inset top are honorary firemen, Donald Heyward (top) and Allison Moffatt (bottom).


Teacher Mr G. C. Ross is going to wear a helmet whether he likes it or not.


Fireman Peter Hagerty demonstrates the breathing apparatus used by firemen in smoke-filled rooms


Donald Gill, assisted by fireman Rex Harvey, tries it on.


Chief Fire Officer Hec Oliver describes the functions of the apparatus on the fire engine.


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