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The Gisborne Photo News



High Fashion

In the bewildering world of feminine fashion, it seemed that Gisborne had suddenly seized an initiative, as eye-catching as it was unexpected. As young Sylvia Lane's high-fashion designs were unfolded at the Victoria League show in the Memorial Hall last month, the large audience often caught its collective breath.

Whether Sylvia's work for "Seventeen" earned praise or not depended on the individual's personal reaction, but there was no question that her clever design and cutting set tongues wagging and eyebrows soaring.

The parade also saw the full flowering of Gisborne's younger modelling set--and an attractive quintette they were.


Hilary Cotter models a pink faille waffle with bell skirt


The bridal ensemble: Robyn Strachan with her junior maids, Caroline Lyle and Judy Welsford



Adrienne Smith: Ming lace threaded with lurex, crystallised nylon trim


Merylin Roots: Elaborate peacock line in three colours of net with finely ruched bodice.
Kandid Kamera Kraft


Ann Forman: Imported crystallised nylon with deep-flounced skirt trim


A couple of the show's breath-takers elegantly modelled by Robyn Strachan, daughter of the show's compere, Mrs Pat Stewart. This young lady has a way with her, and it could take her a long way in the world of modelling. At left she wears a cream delustred satin sheath in high Empire line with cafe-au-lait panels. At right, Robin wears a ming satin in peacock line, fully lined. (Pictures were taken at dress rehearsal, before accessories were available.)