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The Gisborne Photo News



Bumper Maize Crop

This year in Poverty Bay the cribs just weren't big enough to hold the district's bumper maize crop. With yields up 50 per cent, growers everywhere had to build more accommodation to store the surplus.

Now the men who take the corn off the cobs are unusually busy doing just that. The clatter of the maize sheller can be heard early and late, and the roads are busy with sack-laden trucks bringing the grain into store.

Pictures on these two pages were taken at the farm of G. & A. Craill at Patutahi, where E. G. White's Moline sheller was busy churning out about 200 bags of maize to the hour.

The output from the machine is so big that one of the men in the gang does nothing else but thread the needles for the sack sewers!

Poverty Bay is the maize granary of New Zealand, and the grain is shipped away from here to all points. It is used mainly for poultry foods.


Maize pouring from machine keeps team on its toes. Machine's owner, Mr White, is behind iron standard.


(Cobs go in here.....


....Corn comes out here.



The outfit at work on the farm at Patutahi. Standing in front of the machine are, left to right, Messrs G. Craill, A. Craill, McGregor (Loan and Mercantile) and Les Allen (Allen Bros. & Johnstone, agents for the Moline).


It's a busy job threading those needles.


Two men are needed to stack full sacks on truck.


Wind funnel blows dust and leaves, etc., away, while cobs travel out on the conveyor belt. So far no use has been developed for cobs, but in some countries they are used as base for cattle food.