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The Gisborne Photo News

About the Gisborne Photo News

Gisborne Photo News was a monthly publication 3rd June 1954 – 5th November 1975, illustrating goings-on in the Gisborne district through the use of black and white photographic reproductions and lively text.


The Logan Publishing Company began at Robert (Bob) Logan’s residence in Gisborne, New Zealand June 1954. Bob’s eldest son John remembers doing the monthly delivery of Gisborne Photo News to dairies and bookshops around town and seeing people eagerly waiting outside for their copy.

In the first issue Bob said:

“Our aims and objects are brief. They are, above all else, to interest and entertain our readers with news of Gisborne in words and pictures. From day to day our cameras will be recording the contemporary scene in Gisborne and district”

What the Photo News roving reporters wouldn’t go to probably wasn’t worth knowing about; they went to everything from birthdays, engagements and 21sts, to Boy Scout excursions and mother-daughter badminton mornings — nothing was considered irrelevant. They even went to the opening of a fridge when it was gifted to a local children’s home.

“It was the life of Gisborne and really the only place it was recorded photographically,” says John Logan. “A lot of this was before photographs were in the newspaper. That’s why it was so successful because local photos were virtually unseen.”

Circulation peaked at 8000 — this meant a copy of the Photo News ended up in almost every local household. Assembling the Photo News was a manual task. Photos were pasted onto a larger piece of paper and the text was created on a typewriter and pasted alongside, before being put onto screens and printed.

Logan Publishing Ltd also produced similar magazines for other towns around New Zealand which belonged to his franchise — Whangarei, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taranaki, Wanganui and Nelson. They also printed editions for Waikato, Thames-Paeroa-Matamata and Franklin.

Gisborne Photo News was printed for 21 years. By that time John Logan says it was no longer viable with more photos being published in newspapers, magazines and with the popularity of television.

These days the publication is more important than ever as a representation of a social slice of life and cultural change in provincial New Zealand used for all manner of research.

As Bob Logan himself said “…we make our bow and leave our fate, dear reader, in your hands. Cordially yours, Editor” (No. 1 June 3, 1954).

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