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The Gisborne Photo News



Rugby: The King Country Game

The Poverty Bay representative rugby team's losing run was carried one step further on a recent Saturday afternoon at Rugby Park when they were defeated by the touring King Country side by 17 points to 3.

Sporting such awesome rugby names as Meads and Wordley in their powerful pack, the visiting side had a feast of the ball with which to score their winning margin of points.

As a finale for the Poverty Bay team on Rugby Park this season, the game was a disappointing one, but credit would not be misplaced in praising the home pack for the tireless battle it has waged throughout the season against packs, which, without exception, have outweighed it heavily.


N. McKinley, in possession, is lowered by Poverty Bay forwards, Buster Taylor, Hank Nyenhuis, and Geoff Raggett, while Colin Meads, Bill wordley, M. Derby, and M. Rush move in in support.


Blurred by speed, P. Orangi flashes past winger Hugh Gordon


Don Kennedy, tackling I. Ingham by the scruff of his neck, is watched by N. McKinley



An incident from the match with M. Rush and Colin Meads grasping at the ball


Giant All Black forward Stan Meads, running for the Poverty Bay goal line, is challenged by several members of the home side. From this movement, the ball rolled loose......


......and moved across the goal line under the posts, to be pounced on by Buster Taylor, Murray Hollis, and Colin Meads. However, play was called back for an earlier infringement.