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The Nelson Photo News



Apple and Pear Board Enquiry

The investigation into the marketing of apples and pears which has been held throughout New Zealand, was continued when the Committee of Enquiry held a three-day sitting in Nelson. Submissions were made to the committee by a number of organisations in the Nelson district. At left is the committee, Messrs A. D. Thomson, G. E. Wood, chairman, and I. Nottage.


Ready to make submissions: Messrs W. H. Parr (harbour board), E. R. Black (fruit advisory committee), Jack ChignEll (Bluffs fruitgrowers), J. S. Bartlett (Waimea Fruitgrowers Association).


Board representatives, Messrs H. R. Sampson, D. F. Cambell, J. H. Parker (N.Z.A. and P. Board chairman).


A picture taken just before the hearing commenced