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The Nelson Photo News



A Round With Keith Foxton

no. 6: 325 yds

A Downhill Lie

At the sixth hole it is important to stay to the left of the fairway (towards the line indicated by the dots). This line will open up the green. We will assume that my ball has come to rest on the down slope of one of the little hillocks on this fairway, leaving me with a downhill lie for my second to the green. Stand for the shot should be as indicated at far left, with the ball being played slightly further back than normal. The hands and head should be kept slightly forward of the ball. Choose a club with a loft slightly higher than you would normally choose for the distance, since, by hitting downhill the ball will come off the club with less loft than normal. The object is to carry the follow-through down the hill (as indicated, (left). Make no attempt to lift the ball and ensure that the head is kept very still and down until the stroke is completed. Here, my left knee has even bent slightly and my head is still down to ensure that the club head path is following a line down the hill.


We' continue a round of the Nelson Golf Club's course at Tahunanui, with club professional, Keith Foxton. Each month Keith will play a hole on the course and will place himself in the awkward circumstances that all golfers sometimes find themselves in. In this way Keith will be able to explain, per medium of the photo graphs, how to play a shot or extricate himself from trouble.