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The Nelson Photo News



Wedding Bells


Durdle-Muollo. At St. Mary's Catholic Church, Nelson, Marietta Romilda, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs C. Muollo, 19 Grove Street, Nelson, to Murray Inman, eldest son of Mrs and the late Mr J. Durdle, New Plymouth. Attendants were Yolanda Persico, Nelson, chief maid, Ian Knox, Nelson, best man, Raffaele Muollo, Nelson, brother of the bride, and Judith Durdle, New Plymouth, sister of the groom. Rosina and Mary Rose Muollo, Nelson, sister and cousin of the bride respectively, were junior maids. Future home, Wellington.


Harford-Hansen, At the Stoke Methodist Church, Beverley Mary, daughter of Mr and the late Mrs C. J. Hansen, 60 Songer Street, Stoke, to Sydney Rex, son of Mr and Mrs S. Harford, Swamp Road, Richmond. Attendants were Kevin Harford, Auckland, brother of the groom, best man, Pam Hansen, Nelson, sister of the bride, chief maid, Catherine Clemens, Nelson, cousin of the groom, and Graeme Thomson, Nelson, cousin of the groom, Debbie Rawlins and Linda Hansen, Nelson, nieces of the bride, were flower-girls. Future home, Richmond. (Both colour negative prints by Peter Cooper Studio).