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The Nelson Photo News





Tinetti-Marusich. Ina Lorraine, daughter of Mr and Mrs Marusich, Wellington, to William, son of Mr and Mrs Tinetti, Hokitika. (Kingsford and Baigent).


Mosey-Bowater. Julie Margaret, only daughter of Mr R. R. Bowater, 31 Stansell Avenue, Nelson, to Paul Burnell, only son of Mr F. B. Mosey, Alma Street, Nelson. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Quinney-Conning. Marjorie, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. W. Conning, Blair Athol, Wakapuaka, to Roger Ivan, son of Mr and Mrs L. T. Quinney, Motupiko. (Peter Cooper Studio).

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Thurgood-Pilbrow. Sheila, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. F. Pilbrow, Rainbow Drive, Wakapuaka, to Ron, son of Mr and Mrs D. Thurgood, Hornchurch, Essex. (Rod Neill Studio).


Bell-Greenwood. Margaret Elinor, only daughter of Mr and the late Mrs J. M. Greenwood, 31 Fifeshire Crescent, Nelson, to Alan James (Joe), only son of Mr and Mrs A. L. Bell, Christchurch. (Ambrose Studio, Christchurch).