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The Nelson Photo News



Sporting Roundup

Nelson Rugby Union

The winter sports season is almost upon us and most winter sporting organisations have held their annual meetings. These pix were taken at the annual meeting of the Nelson Rugby Union.

Miniature Rifle And Pistol Shooting


Secretary Don Fowler and Rival delegate, Frank Foote, confer.


Top men, Lloyd Cederman (vice-president) and Joe Herrick (president) who were re-elected.


Rival delegation: Peter Hawke, Jim Williams, Bill Henley and Graham Anderson.


Retiring president Mick Webby, and secretary, Trevor Win, who did not seek re-election at the Nelson Small Bore Rifle Association's annual meeting. Trevor has been secretary for the last 15 years.


Gus Lafrentz (pistol club) and Colin Gibbs (Wakefield) discuss the plans for the new 50 metre range to be built by the association.