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The Nelson Photo News



Teenagers' Night Spot

One of the most oft-repeated complaints we hear is that "there's nothing for the teenagers to do in Nelson." Evidently these complaints reached the ears of Paul Schipper, an artist and signwriter, and Waimea College teacher, Graham Harris, both of Richmond, for they've done something about it. Aided by the youth of Richmond, the Methodist Church, which has provided the hall facilities, and local business firms, Paul and Graham have a swinging night spot going for the teenagers on a Friday night once fortnightly. The Teenz Coffee Club, as it is called, offers a wide variety of entertainment for the young teenagers - from table soccer, darts, and table tennis to dancing. An excellent atmosphere has been provided by the huge murals that Paul has painted and it costs NOTHING to enter. The only charge made is for coffee or soft drinks and food consumed during the evening. Well done, Richmond. Now how about something similar in Nelson?

At left: Paul hangs one of his murals before dancing commences (above). Hilary Kingsland, Kathie James and Margaret Wilkes preparing supper (below)



Disc jockeys Anita Peters and Michael Burdon prepare the way for the "big" sound.


Waiting for service (you know what teenagers' appetites are?) were Jillian Eyles, Suzanne Watson and Judith Irwin.


Keeping abreast with what's going on to the record player are Graham Harris and one of the instigators of the club, Jenny Turner.


Lots of fun on the table tennis table for Rebecca Helm and Pat Hall.


Table soccer kept Kevin King, Darryl Mills, Ken Simpson and Leslie Rutledge interested until the dancing commenced.