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The Nelson Photo News



Dance Club's Cabaret

The Nelson Old Time Dance Club's second annual cabaret drew a large attendance of club members and visitors to the Stoke Hall. A feature of cabaret was the cutting of a birthday cake by Mrs Ngaire Cooper (above), wife of the president. Mrs Cooper also made the two-tier cake.

Ready to enjoy themselves at top left were club officers, Len Cooper (president) and Ngaire and below, Kevin Hoult (treasurer) and wife Nena. Four of the five-member band: Ray Jordan, Owen Nyberg, Geoff Collett and Barry Gill. (fifth member, drummer Bill Gomez was absent when the pic was taken) Max and Lois Savage and Noel and Judith Palmer (bottom left) and Les Thornhill, Sue and Phill Robinson and Bert Maddoek (below) were in a happy frame of mind.