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Leaving Nelson

Leaving Work


Constable Shayle Solly, his wife Shirley and family Kathleen, Peter, Shayne and Gary, have left Nelson city, but not the province, for Shayle has taken over the sole-charge police station at Murchison. He was formerly at the Nelson central station.


A promotion to section clerk in the Social Security Department for Ray Mulligan was very welcome, but it means leaving Nelson for Napier and that has not been greeted with cheers by Mrs June Mulligan and family, Novi and Dale. Ray has lived here all his life except for a spell overseas with K-Force.


Mr Les White takes from the wall of his office, in the garage of Wright Stephenson's and Co, his diploma as a member of the Institute of the New Zealand Motor Industry, on the day of his retirement. Les has worked in the garage for the last 17½ years and has worked in the trade for more than 47 years. When the institute was founded in 1953, Les was granted membership and over the last 14 years has served on the Dominion council. He has been Nelson group chairman for more than five years. He is also well-known as a very cheerful and capable city councillor.