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Forum and Aginum

Intersection Accidents

Rugby Bouquets

We offer big bouquets to two district Rugby representatives - to Graham Emerre (above centre) who stated publicly and very forthrightly, as captain of the Golden Bay-Motueka representative team, that he and most players were in favour of amalgamation in some form between his and the Nelson union; and the second to Dougal Dickson, Nelson representative lock, who gained a place in the South Island team and was later selected for the All Black trials.


A correspondent, "Turning Right", submitted a poser on the right hand rule to us for clarification. It concerns the intersection of Haven Road and Vickerman Street (left). The question was whether vehicle "A", travelling east along Haven Road, had the right of way over vehicle "B", turning out of Haven Road across the intersection into Vickerman Street. The Chief Traffic Officer of the Transport Department, Mr S. Young, to whom this question was referred, said that "A" would have the right of way if "B" was still in the act of completing its turn at the intersection (the dotted line joining the islands). A would not have the right of way, however, in the case of vehicle "C", having already completed its turn and having straightened up before reaching the intersection. In practice, however, the turning vehicle would almost always have to give way to vehicle "A".


While on this subject of intersections, we would draw motorists' attention to the two worst danger spots in Nelson city, as pointed out above by Mr Young. They are at the intersections of Halifax and Trafalgar Streets and Hardy and Collingwood Streets. More accidents have occurred here than at any other intersection in the city.


View Ruined?
"I stopped on top of Princes Drive to take some photographs of the lovely views of Nelson, but found when I went to photograph. Tahuna Beach that the view was obscured by a hideous radio aerial. Can something not be done about this? ("Mac", Halswell, Christchurch).