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Transport Farm Commences Second Decade

When Transport Holdings successfully tendered for 2200 acres of leasehold land in Redwood's Valley a little over 10 years ago, with the express intention of converting it to farm land, there was quite a large body of opinion which considered the firm had embarked on an almost impossible task. For this was no large area of flat grassland. The land was hilly, difficult-to-work country and covered in gorse, fern, blackberry and manuka. In short, it was fit only for tree planting, so the wise heads said. And indeed they were supported by the decision of the Forest Service to use the land for afforestation. But the Forest Service, after commencing planting, had to stop, when it was considered the land had greater potential. And so, 10 years ago, Transport Holdings began the gigantic job of clearing the wilderness and developing it. Evidence of how well the firm succeeded is contained in the pictures we have taken. Not content with the 2200 acres, the company bought a further 350 acres and at a later stage bought the 2200 acres when they were freeholded.

This year the farm commences its second decade with almost all of the farm under pasture. Some small blocks are still being developed. At present it is carrying about 9500 sheep and 150 head of cattle and last year 223 bales of wool went to auction.

A wonderful achievement and an extremely valuable asset to the Nelson province.


Small blocks of land, like this one, have been partly cleared



At the western boundary of the farm a big block awaits sowing



Ten years ago the heavy tractors were working in conditions like this


The sane area, this month



Another pic of the land-breaking job 10 years ago (the old pix were taken by Tony Coleman who worked on the job).


A different scene today


The difficult terrain and manner of clearance are clearly shown in this pic