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Forum and aginum

On these two pages we reproduce plans of projects to be undertaken by the Nelson City Council. From the outset we extend our congratulations to the council and its officers on the most progressive schemes ever undertaken by any council in Nelson. The first project announced, the Tahuna Back Beach Development Scheme, is to bring into use an undeveloped area at Tahunanui. But hard on its heels has come the announcement of a 12 million pound reclamation project at Nelson Haven which, when completed, will make Nelson the Florida of New Zealand. The third scheme is the Trafalgar and Rutherford Parks area development scheme (left). The main purpose of this scheme is to develop land at present used as a stock dump by the council into sports fields, the provision of a sports drome and an embankment at the northern end of Trafalgar Park.


The reclamation of the Nelson Haven and flats is the "brainchild" of the city engineer (Mr Geoff Toynbee) who has worked with the Harbour Board's engineer (Mr Dan Calwell) on the project. In short, the scheme proposed is that the dredge Kopunawai, which the council is taking steps to buy, will be used in conjunction with the harbour board's suction dredge, Karitea, to reclaim 1750 acres of mudflat. The Kopunawai's first job will be the Ta-huna back beach, but it is hoped, after endorsement by the council, that work on the haven scheme will be commenced within two years. Completion of the scheme could take as long as 50 years, depending on finance and other considerations. An initial loan of £500,000 is considered sufficient to finance the whole project. It is believed that by the time this money has been spent, sufficient funds will have come forward from land sales to meet the loan charges and provide for the next stage of development. The proposal is to reclaim 670 acres of industrial land (and more for a golf course and motor sports), 1045 acres of residential land (including a marina, a 25-aere hotel-motel block and a civic block). Since the publication of the project, the council has already had an inquiry from an industry wishing to expand into Nelson. It requires 20 acres of land. At the moment there seems no reason why private interests could not invest in the scheme. Such additional finance would help expedite the completion of the project.


Our pics show, at top, a plan of the scheme and above an artist's impression of the haven when completed and left, a section of the area planned for residential use and the hotel-motel site. At the bottom left–hand corner of the pic above is an outline of a possible university site.