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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Rubbish collections have been in the news lately with the announcement that the city council is to introduce a special disposable bag collection to replace the old rubbish tin. A controversial topic, this one, not so much because of the changeover but because of the expense to householders.


New chief traffic officer with the Transport Department is Mr Stan Young. Avid Rugby enthusiasts will recall him as a member of the famous Kiwi Rugby team (he played mainly off the side of the scrum or No 8).


Pupils of Nelson Intermediate School put on their own sale day at school recently to aid the Braille Week appeal. Kay Smith and Diane Byrne attend to prospective customers.


Frank Large shot a goat up in the Brook reservoir area recently and collected this fine set of horns. They measured 26 in. from tip to tip.


North Street

"There was certainly some action at the intersection of North and Weka streets after you published the photo of the Give Way markings on the road," writes Young Mother. "We seem to be a neglected area here. The housing development appears haphazard, there are power poles and wires everywhere and the footpath the council provided us with is useless. It's hard enough pushing a laden pram on a good surface without having to plough through the soft and rough so-called footpath provided for us. This road carries a big volume of traffic and it is not asking much, surely, for the council to lay us a decent and safe path."

Dangerous Corner

"I am writing this letter only minutes after receiving the biggest fright of my life," writes "Hell's Corner . "As usual I picked up my children at St Joseph's Convent to take them home to lunch and very gingerly I began to creep over the Manuka Street-Brook Street-Tasman Street intersection. Because I know this corner well I was paying close attention to my right, when from my left a car accelerated in front of me, cut across the white line and carried on down Brook Street. To add insult to injury, the driver shook his fist at me as he went by. Had I not slammed on the brakes I am sure we would have become another of the many accident statistics at this corner. The white line that the council painted on the road is worse than useless. So too are the "Slow" signs in Manuka Street. When is the Transport Department going to recognise that the danger is not in Manuka Street but in Tasman-Broom streets."?


Editor's note: We understand an approach has already been made to the council for a permanent footpath and that the matter will be looked into during consideration of next year's estimates. Incidentally, we note traffic is still not using the Give Way bay, possibly because it has been placed at the wrong angle. The new line and the old can be seen below.