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The Young Businessman

Swimtime Shortly


Today's big seller for the young businessman is this "Le Mans" two-covered button, high lapel suit by Sincerity, modelled for Don McLean's Trouser House by Colin Bartlett. The jacket has cutaway front and side vents and the trousers are pleatless in front, cuffless, and feature the S-shape leg line. All sizes, all shades, from£l8.l8s. With the suit with the sporting name is a car to match, the Fiat 850 Fastback, loaned to us for this occasion by Mrs Audrey Logan, It is the only one of its kind in the province.


From Janet Dickinson, of London, comes this classic-style white swimsuit in sheer lace, named "Phantom" and modelled for Wright Stephenson and Co by Pat Neilson. The suit follows the present popular trend for see-through fabrics. The suit is priced at £7 19s 6d and the hat, an English imported Viking "Savawave", is 59s 6d.