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The Nelson Photo News



The Abattoir Closes


It has been known for some time that the abattoir in Main Road, Annesbrook, run by the city coun-cil, would either have to close or be modernised. The council chose the former after considering the enormous costs of reconstructing the 66-year-old building and bringing it up to the very high standard laid down in the health regulations. And so, on June 30, the yards were emptied of stock and the staff dispersed, taking with them all the personal possessions they would normally leave. From nenceforth, all meat for city butcheries will be killed at the Nelson Freezing Works. The old abattoir buildings and yards are for sale, and the city council will continue its policy of selling the very valuable land adjoining the abattoir, previously used as holding paddocks. Much of this has already been sold as industrial sites. Shortly the council will subdivide the remainder for industrial use, also. Above, the old building with the yards in the foreground and below, some of the most valuable land in Nelson to be sold.