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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera

Leaving Nelson


Thousands and thousands of bottles of all shapes and sizes were collected by Scouts, Cubs and parents of the Stoke Boy Scouts recently. The proceeds from these dead marines go to the building of a new Scout den in Songer Street.


Below: The family of Stan and Pat Gardiner, Monaco, has left Nelson for Napier. With them go their family of Gary. Susan and Kerry.


Right: The general arms amnesty has certainly brought to light some interesting illegal weapons. So far the arms office at the Nelson Police Station has a varied collection of hand guns which includes a Mauser, Lugers, army Colt automatic, flare pistols and two cut-down rifles made into pistols. These are held by Constable Maurie Winstanley. Constable Kevin Satherley is holding an American flare pistol and an old cap and ball revolver.