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The Nelson Photo News



A Time To Reap

Unlike many agricultural centres in New Zealand, Nelson's harvest time does not get into full swing until late February and mid-March. Thousands of seasonal workers drawn from all parts of New Zealand, from Australia and even the United States, are scattered throughout the province harvesting tobacco, hops and apples, and the fruits of their labours will find consumers in many parts of the world.


The picture on this page, taken at Riwaka, of a tobacco harvester in the field, is becoming an increasingly rare sight. Many farmers have changed to hand-picking and machine tying, just as nearly all hop growers have changed to hop picking machines in place of the manual pickers.



Ron Thomas cutting hop vines at the garden of Jack Askew, Riwaka


On Alan Scott's orchard at Riwaka, Col Bush and Brian Leigh picking a bumper crop.


The cut vines are now more speedily stripped of the hops by machine


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Jim Allcott of Motueka examines racks of air-dried burley tobacco on his property


At Stoke, the speed of Kathleen McLean's hands while packing apples blurs this pic


Geoffrey Allcott helps his father with sticks of tobacco in the bulk store


All these pix were taken at the orchard of Robinson Bros, Stoke.


Examining Cox's Orange apples: Mary Shaw, Ann McNabb and Molly Thomas.


Mary Robinson up a ladder.


Morning tea and a welcome break.