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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


The first stage in the implementation of the City Council's decision to erect broom fences on Tahunanui Beach in an endeavour to halt the erosion of the beach. Concrete posts were being dropped into position when we came along.


As the concrete posts go in at Tahuna, out come the old wooden power and telegraph poles in the Hardy Street area. The removal of overhead wires and all the poles that went with them has helped beautify our main roads through the city area to a tremendous extent.


Have you had a "pinky" yet? A what? A "pinky", the wee pink form our new meter maid Leigh Boese attaches to the cars of motorists who leave their cars in expired meter parking areas. You now have five minutes' grace from the time your "expired" sign goes up, to the time you become eligible for a "pinky" - and that can cost you 2s.6d. A pat on the back to the Council for commencing this scheme. Parking revenue, we are certain, will soar.