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Roving Camera


Among the many roads in the city area which are to receive a face lift is the Enner Glynn Road, a narrow and hilly road leading past the Enner Glynn School. A start has been made on widening the road and a footpath is to be incorporated in the improvements.


Well-known and popular New Zealand Rugby administrator, Tom Morrison, explained the new rules to a large crowd of sportsmen in the Celtic Rugby Club's gymnasium. Our comment on the rules, as outlined by Mr Morrison, is that they will bring into the game again the running backs - provided that the Rugby bush lawyers don't sit down and attempt to find out how they can be circumvented. At left Tom explains a hooking point with the aid of a front row from the audience.


Mrs C. E. McConachie, who recently retired from the position of temporary postmistress at Port Nelson - a position she held for 21 years.
(Geoffrey C. Wood Studio)