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The Nelson Photo News



Going, Going ... Gone - We Hope!


Will the Standard-Triumph Company take over the Nelson cotton mill buildings for its assembly plant, or will the company decide upon Whangarei? That is the question that has been on the lips of nearly every man and woman in the Nelson district since our last issue. News that this big British company had returned to Nelson for a second look at the empty mill buildings soon. made headline news throughout the Dominion, and at the end of a very hectic week it was announced that to all intents and purposes the site for the assembly plant would be probably either Nelson or Whangarei. It was learned at one stage that to induce the company to come to Nelson the City Council was prepared to make an offer to the Government for the mill buildings with the object of re-selling them to the company at a substantial reduction. This course did not have to be followed, however.
For the company, there are advantages and disadvantages in coming to Nelson. A great advantage is the building already erected and, evidently, offered at an attractive price. Disadvantages are confined to inward shipping problems and, so it is reported, wharfages. It is believed that there no longer exists what was originally held a major disadvantage - that of transportation to a railhead.
At the moment, we, like others intensely interested in seeing the £655,546 mill buildings occupied, are keeping our fingers crossed.