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The Nelson Photo News



Nelson's Third Disaster

First we lost the railway. Then the cotton mill. Now, we've lost Forbes Robinson. You don't feel that's a disaster? Then you ask the children who have been taught by him and the thousands of children he has packed inside his big car with the huge inflated tubes on the roofrack. You tell them there will be no more trips to the beach, and icecreams, and if the looks on their faces don't spell "disaster", then we'll recant. Forbes, a Cambridge M. A., could have taught in secondary schools, but he prefers the primary school children. He has left Central School where he taught for 18 years, to take over as headmaster of Wainui Beach School, Gisborne. Many adults will miss you, Forbes, but the children will find it doubly hard - especially on those hot, summer, beachy days. Lucky Gisborne children!


Forbes, his car plus inflated tube, plus some of the children who fill the vehicle to capacity on holidays and after school


His send-off from Central was a sad occasion



Barbara Fitzsimons and Linda Simpson operating two of the many machines Forbes has built as aids to teaching. These ingenious machines have been used for years and many thousands of Nelson children and grown-ups will remember them.


Peter woods making a presentation to Forbes, surrounded by prefects