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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Barri Grossi and Hugh Sim, who carried the Aurora Sailing Club's colours into second place in the national cherub championships at Auckland.


Taking shape in the factory of Curnow and Wilton, at Port Nelson, when this pic was taken, was the biggest trawler built in Nelson for some years. The vessel is 50ft long, has a 14ft beam and a draught of 7ft 6ins. It is being built of kauri and Australian hardwoods. When completed (about December) it will go into service at Greymouth.


Ken McLeod, one of the principals of the Waimea Welding Company, putting the finishing touches to the 1000th steel fruit-picking ladder he has made in the last seven years. In the 1000 ladders Ken estimates he has used 73,930ft of steel tubing. They have been sold all over the South Island.