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The Nelson Photo News



Roving camera


Carrying members of D Company, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast Regiment, H.M.N.Z.S. Olphert leave "Port Nelson for a combined army-navy exercise in the Golden Bay area. At right the army makes itself comfortable as the trip begins.


O'Hagan meets O'Hagan, when third cousins Patrick (the singer) and Sean (Nelson's PRO) see each other for the first time in years. Occasion was the visit to Nelson by Patrick and demure Teresa Duffy (right) for a one-night concert at the Majestic. A full house wouldn't go home and requests for many of the well-loved songs kept pouring in. Some ungranted requests may be met when the two return on November 15 for a second concert. Miss Duffy, a newcomer to Nelson, delighted her audience. Her clear diction enabled everyone in the theatre to hear every word. Patrons had one complaint — they didn't hear enough of her.