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A Civic Centre

Aesthetically, the old chambers have little appeal and it seems unfortunate that a new modern building is to be constructed alongside and joined to them. As can be seen. there will be different floor levels. In not too many years, the old building (built in 1903) will be demolished and a new building erected. Like women's fashions, architecture also dates, so that by the time a replacement is needed for the old buildings, the one soon to be erected will be out of date. Then what? The sign on the new building, by the way, is not to be erected.


is a picture of the perspective of the reconditioned present city council chambers, planned about 1937. Those plans envisaged further accommodation for the council and a pioneer hall designed, it is believed, to house the Bett's collection. Unfortunately they were never proceeded with. Below is a picture of the perspective of the new chambers, soon to be commenced, alongside the present council offices.