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Diggers' Page

Sorry we couldn't run your page last issue, digs, but we ran out of pix. Evidently this started something, for we have received some really fine material from several diggers, and this will keep us going; for a few issues. But please keep it coming in if you want the page to continue.

This month our contributors are Rob Creighton, Mrs W. G. Everett (Richmond) and Charlie Haines (who came to light with Cassino-pix).


August 1941 in the desert, where Gordon Scoltock (centre) and Arthur Everett (extreme right) take time off with some cobs.


Arthur Everett (centre) in front of armoured car takes time out for a pic at Cassino. Many digs will recall the pic immediately below, the ruins of Cassino monastery.


Some pretty well-known brass on the way to inspect New Zealand Div at Tripoli,


Bari Prison Camp, 1942, wherein quite a few Nelsonians were incarcerated. At back, extreme right, is Eric Costelloe, Rob Creighton (centre of middle row), Bob Griffin (extreme right, centre), Gordon Duncan (extreme left, front), and Charlie Costelloe (extreme right, front).