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1st Chairman Remembered

The efforts of Mrs Susan Robinson as chairman of the Melrose committee for a long period of years, were recognised in December when a framed photograph of Mrs Robinson was presented to the Nelson W.D.F.F hostel, Melrose. The hostel, given in trust by Mrs Noel Adams, now living in Auckland, was established by the division as a holiday home for members and non-members in 1944. Mrs Robinson, who also founded the Stoke branch, was its first chairman.
(Pics by Peter Cooper)

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The presentation. From left Mrs R. C. Palmer, provincial president, Mrs T. Stringer, president of Stoke branch, and Mrs T. M. Watson, Dominion president.


Melrose officials, Mrs Palmer, Mrs H. S. King, Richmond, Mrs C. E. O'Connor (provincial sec-retary) and Mrs Joan Dew, hostess.


A quiet cuppa being enjoyed


Mrs M. C. McConchie, a former hostess at Melrose, with Mrs W. Barrett